AGILITA-Client 1.1.33

AGILITA-ClientThe AGILITA-Client is basically a new type of...

AGILITA-ClientThe AGILITA-Client is basically a new type of software, based on the KLICKAPP technology. The functionality of the client is comparable to that of a browser, yet retains all the possibilities of a normal windows client.

The entire presentation and functionality of the application is essentially stored on one database server. In addition the client contains a complete development enviroment.

Therefore each client can be used for development. Because the application is saved on a server, all other clients register any changes made to an application immediately.

The customer receives the developer surrounding including all source codes. The developer can decide if he wants to give the customer access to the source code.

Furthermore the client contains a number of features, that are necessary in a multi-user database application and donamp;'t need to be programmed separately.

Included is the ability of automaticallylocking a record, multilinguality and a user-/group- and authorization concept. Also supported by the client are different report generators, so that printing is already included.

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